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Josh Likes Stuff



Specialties Include:

Graphic Editing, Event Planning, Studio Production, Video Editing and more..




Specialties Include:

Live Audio Production, Music Education, Event Planning, Video Editing and more...

Josh is a gifted musician, an experienced tradesman, and a crafty facilitator. Needless to say, he brings a variety of skill sets to the entertainment industry and beyond. Whether it’s his adventurous—but realistic—outlook when approaching a vision, his unmatched motivation, or his keen eye for detail, you can trust him to get the job done!

Bryan is a singer-songwriter with over a decade of live-performance experience. His other talents include audio/video production and editing, live sound reinforcement, photography, videography, and song composition. He spends his spare time gardening, hiking, and birdwatching with his loved ones. Check out his DIY solo acoustic album "Hemlock Ridge" on all streaming platforms.


     G.R.E.G was established in the summer of 2021 after noticing a demand for a number of services in our local area, primarily focused around the needs of local musicians. We soon developed a presence in the Statesville area with the help of The Iredell Arts Council and several other local community members. ( We have spent nearly two years providing our services at The Old Jail and continue to do so, ensuring that their programming is of the highest quality. )

     In November of 2021, we launched our songwriter series Roots In The Round at The Old Jail. This grew into a year-long series. Roots In The Round has now become its own entity after being accepted as a nonprofit in North Carolina near the end of 2022. 

     Since our formation, we have also taken on numerous video productions for musicians in the area, all with unique environmental elements. Some were in live situations at festivals or venues, and others were controlled productions, such as The Old Jail Sessions with Dani Kerr. We are as proud of the content that came from these sessions as we are of the relationships that have blossomed from the experiences.

     We also love to step outside of the box! One of the best examples of this is our unique series Sizzle n’ Soul. This was dreamt up by Josh as an instructional cooking video in an outdoor setting, cooking top-notch meals in nature led by chef Dylan Ferguson. We also wanted to include a live performance with a musician but that part is still developing. This series is still growing and we look forward to the future of Sizzle n Soul!

     Our team changed slightly at the end of 2022, following the exit of former Chief Marketing Officer Jonathan Norcom and the addition of our new production expert, Dom “Baldi” Keaton. As with any company, growth requires change and our change in personnel has allowed us to grow into a more focussed company with new strengths and bigger goals. 

As we move forward into 2023, we hope you will join us at our events and check out the content we are putting out!

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