Roots In The Round SEASON FINALE - Episode 7
Nov 06, 7:30 PM
203 S Meeting St, Statesville, NC 28677, USA

Grass Roots Entertainment Group LLC is the direct result of three childhood friends sharing a single common passion: Music.


Bryan Olson, Jonathan Norcom, and Josh Loftis have spent the last decade and a half learning and maneuvering the many facets of being an active musician. Fifteen years in the making, Grass Roots Entertainment Group has been built by true believers of the craft. Our unique perspective and experience give us the opportunity to fully understand your goals and how to achieve them.

The day-to-day hustle of managing the work that goes into a normal day while also finding the time to produce and release new content—all while navigating the current digital climate—takes time. Sometimes too much for one person to focus on what matters. We’re here to help.


At Grass Roots Entertainment Group, we offer booking, event planning, management, and marketing services—such as content creation, branding, and social media—based specifically on your needs. And for venues and businesses, we offer audio and video production options ranging from small passion projects to formal events. We do it all without sacrificing quality at a great price. There’s a lot of opportunity out there—let’s find yours.

Let's Grow Together!